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The beauty of nature… the love of family and friends… my painting… all of these energize my spirit. Painting is significant to my serenity, my energy, my fun. My paintings are stories of the beauty that captures me.

In working with the light, shadow and colour in nature, I have attempted to portray the beauty of God's creation and the joy I feel in being able to express my artistic gift.

Through exploration of watercolour and acrylics, I have tried to create realistic images that are both pleasing and stimulating to the viewer, as well as reflect the vigour and excitement with which I approach my painting. Beauty is displayed in simplicity, but with vibrant colour and warm rich light.    

I like to think of myself as an artistic communicator, wishing to express the beauty and spirituality of our world. All my paintings contain elements of hope and love. Art is a language. Its purpose is to open a dialogue between the art and the viewer, touch an emotion, remember a special moment, or simply bring a smile to the face of the onlooker. 

Having the opportunity and support to express myself through my art is a blessing.

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