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Pussy Willow Workshop (2011)

Each participant spent an entire day working on a pussy willow painting from start to finish. What we learned...pussy willows are more challenging to paint than just a “puff on a stick” as one of the artists exclaimed!

Chickadee Workshop (2011)

We “chirped” and chatted while painting our chickadee paintings...

It is amazing how differently each participant painted his/her background, and how each painting evolved into a beautiful piece of art!

Tulip Workshop (2011)

We had fun painting tulips at the Sheep Creek Arts Council in Turner Valley, AB on Saturday, February 5, 2011. 

Mountain Painting Workshop (2012)

Our mountain scenes were painted using a variety of palette knives, as well as some flexible modelling paste. We experimented with different techniques, and the results were fantastic!

Winter Snow Scene Workshop (2012)

We were thankful that there was no snow outside as we painted our beautiful winter scenes! Many of us saw interesting shapes develop as ponds were added... resulting in laughter and consternation at times! After creative individual planning, the paintings evolved into beautiful winter scenes once again!

Light & Reflections Workshop (2015)

We painted a scene in the woods…observing how light passes through the trees at dusk, and reflections of wildlife in the water. Everyone put in their animal of choice. The painting were beautiful!

"Dew" Some Raindrops Workshop (2016)
“Splish…splash.” What fun we had looking at water drops on leaves and flowers. Everyone realized that there is a ‘science’ to painting drops effectively, and as usual, the paintings were varied and stunning!
Painting Clouds Workshop (2017)

We will all be looking at clouds so differently from now on! This day was spent studying cloud structure, and colours in clouds. The paintings all turned out uniquely beautiful after another wonderful day painting together!

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